Stuart Davis: In Full Swing was the first major exhibition in 20 years dedicated to Davis (1892–1964), a key figure in the development of American modern art. The exhibition showcased 86 works that reveal the dynamic, original style of this important American painter.  Davis’s art was informed by his love of jazz, advertising imagery, and everyday city life, and it blurred the distinctions between high and low art, and between realism and abstraction.

To further accentuate the exhibit, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, AR selected Chris Goddard and Goddard Design Group to design an interpretation of a 1950s lounge area to show how Davis’s art influenced home décor in the early 20th century. The space utilized layers of texture, pattern and color that are perfect for relaxing, listening to music and embracing the spirit of the period.

“Art and good design are visual anti-depressants. Stuart Davis is known for helping transition our design styles from florals to graphics, especially in fabrics. He brought happiness into the home through color and large graphic patterns,” said Goddard. “It is a thrill to design around his art and play off his colors.”

“It’s uncommon knowledge that the art doesn’t have to match the sofa,” said Goddard. “Visitors will see the timeless impact of Stuart Davis’s art. The bold colors, layered patterns and graphic images that he loved are still evident in the textiles and wall coverings of today.”

Stuart Davis: In Full Swing and the Goddard-designed lounge area ran at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art from September 16, 2017 through January 1, 2018.