Symphony Designer House - 2018

  • LOCATION: Little Rock, Arkansas
  • CATEGORY: Commercial

Goddard Design Group was assigned the "Media Room" which we renamed the "Entertainment Lounge."  The existing space was dark and dated, so our vision was to create an entertainment escape where one could gather with friends, play games, and just relax.  

Our design philosophy is to create spaces that are eclectic, elegant, and timeless.  A curated room should reflect modern elements punctuated with collections and antiques, thus creating a sense of history and personality.  When all these design aspects come together, a truly magical escape is created.  


The Symphony Designer House enabled Goddard Design Group to highlight pieces from our custom furniture collection by using The Christopher Sofas in cinnabar fabric, The Crockett Chairs in elephant print linen, and The Scout Chairs in a batik textile.  To further enhance the vibe, we commissioned hand-painted canvases to give the room a true Moroccan tent vibe.