Penthouse Apartment

  • LOCATION: Fayetteville, Arkansas
  • CATEGORY: Residential

Having purchased this penthouse a few years ago, our client came to us to redefine the space with sophistication and an urban vibe.  A key component to the design was incorporation of pieces from their extensive modern art collection.

In the foyer, an original artwork by D*Face is prominently displayed above an industrial console and flanked by vintage 1970’s lamps.  A large Anthony Lister painting anchors the living space and pairs perfectly with custom graphic game chairs, steel tables, layered rugs and lapis grasscloth.  In the television room, a neon sculpture by Doze Green illuminates the cozy space. Finally, we finished the project with a custom mural which floats on an original antique brick wall in the master bedroom.


We have worked with this client on multiple residential projects.  The focus has been geared to traditional design which reflects Southern elegance and timeless heritage.  For the penthouse, It was a lot of fun to pull modern furniture and art together to create a new space which still resonates our client’s unique and eclectic personality.