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Moroccan Style Through the Eyes of Chris Goddard

August 25, 2021 Blog

Morocco has become a personal destination of rejuvenation for me in terms of color, texture, design, fragrance and cuisine.

From the century-old medinas in Fes and Marrakech—touching every possible sense—to the peaceful serenity of the desert, which calms the soul, I find great inspiration which I try to incorporate into all of my designs. Eclectic interiors and rooms that tell a story are a few Goddard Design Group trademarks. Below are two aspects that speak strongly to me.



From my first encounters in Morocco, I was truly inspired by the vibrant color that shapes the landscape of this country. Moroccan life is filled with brilliant shades of blue, red, orange, pink, yellow, and green, paired with natural clay-hued architecture that resonates with the forever-present mountain ranges across the country. Yves St. Laurent captured this vibrancy when he and Pierre Berge renovated Villa Oasis in 1980. The saturation of color that St.Laurent used in each of the rooms (as seen below) is expressed through paint, fabric, and tile. Some rooms use color very dramatically to highlight the mixture of Moroccan and French culture, while others use subtle shades to create an area of tranquility and mental inspiration. Design in the United States has veered to a neutral palette, so break free of the trend and embrace color in your home and style!

(IMAGE via Elle Decor, August 2018)


As seen at Villa Oasis, texture plays a huge role in Moroccan design. Inspiration can be found in the Berber rug stores, the intricate ceiling detail of riads, lanterns which have a uniquely northern African/Oriental style, and the ever-present use of tile. All of these elements blend perfectly and illustrate the landscape of the country to include the olive and fig trees, green oasis valleys, and rustic mountain ranges. The layering of textures like these inspires the mixing of materials and fabrics for the home.



Morocco is a unique destination that brings together so many elements that heighten one’s senses. From architecture and color to food and wine, everything is experienced to the ultimate degree. Below are a few of my favorite places. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have during my last two trips!






Chris notes that Moroccan design can also be beautifully minimal. “My favorite kasbah Dar Ahlam or ‘house of dreams’ is the perfect place to stay on your journey to Marrakech from the Sahara.



Chris hits the souk or marketplace in Marrakech. He suggests having a guide to help distinguish between authentic finds and reproductions.










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Moroccan Style Through the Eyes of Chris Goddard
August 2021

Morocco has become a personal destination of rejuvenation for me in terms of color, texture, design, fragrance and cuisine.

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